• Testing FCoE and data center bridging at UNH’s InterOperability Lab

    In this video Mikkel Hagen, a testing manager with UNH-IOL tells about the work that UNH-IOL provides and the testing it is doing with data center bridging and Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) products.

  • Enterprise network testing: What engineers overlook

    For reliable enterprise network testing, network engineers must test entire architectures as opposed to specific points on the network.

  • Enterprise network testing: What engineers forget to do

    For reliable enterprise network testing, network engineers must test entire architectures as opposed to specific points on the network.

  • Fast Packet blogger Josh Stephens talks integrated network management

    Solarwinds head geek and Fast Packet blogger Josh Stephens explains that integrated network management stretches across IT resources and silos.

  • Cisco CEO John Chambers promises to streamline

    At Cisco Live 2011, Cisco CEO John Chambers promised to bring the company back to its core competency and streamline operations.

  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet technology: Building high-performance networks

    Analyst Howard Marks discusses 10 Gigabit Ethernet technology in high-performance networks, including considerations for virtualization networking and network convergence.

  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet migration: What you need to consider chief scientist Howard Marks discusses considerations for a 10 Gigabit Ethernet migration in a data center, including building 10 GbE into the core.

  • Cloud computing: Building the private cloud

    Building the cloud is an enormous undertaking, and building a private cloud brings about a number of network challenges. Learn how to address capacity management and storage virtualization when building the private cloud in this video.

  • Choosing the right unified network security strategy

    Network security threats are constantly evolving, and your network security strategy must evolve with them. Learn about new security best practices, including application-aware firewalls and unified threat management, in this video with Josh Corman and Andrew Hay of the 451 Group.

  • All-wireless enterprise networks

    Learn about all-wireless enterprise networks, including how they look and common obstacles, in this video.

  • Data center networking efficiency

    Efficient data center networking is a sure bet if the equipment has a long life and the network capacity is fully utilized. In this video, learn how to extend the life of the data center equipment with consolidation and how to better utilize network capacity in the data center.

  • Cloud computing security risks: Private and public clouds

    Cloud computing security risks are a major threat to your cloud network. Learn about cloud computing security risks in the private and public clouds and how cloud providers are handling these cloud security issues.

  • Network convergence: Bringing storage and data center networks together

    Bringing storage and data center networks together, or network convergence, requires an immense amount of planning. In this video, learn about FCoE vs. iSCSI vs. Infiniband over Ethernet for network convergence, as well as learning the role of virtual I/O in convergence.

  • TV white space spectrum and the enterprise network

    With newly available TV white space spectrum in play, what does this mean for enterprise networks? In this video, learn about how the white space frequencies will affect wireless access, and how the opening of this white space spectrum should affect the long term plans of enterprises regarding wireless networks.

  • How to approach wireless LAN architectures

    A poorly planned wireless LAN architecture can spell disaster for a wireless network. In this video, expert Lisa Phifer gives tips and advice on WLAN architectures, including a controller-centric approach and a decentralized/controller-less/smart AP approach.

  • How to implement Wireshark filters

    To set up Wireshark filters, you must learn how to establish both Wireshark capture filters and Wireshark display filters that meet your specific network traffic monitoring needs. In this video on Wireshark filtering, learn step-by-step how to perform both tasks.

  • Migration to IPv6: Video interview with John Curran

    Migration to IPv6 is inevitable. In this video, learn what the new Internet Protocol version 6 is, how it differs from IPv4, what it means to wide area network (WAN) managers and more in this video with American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) president and CEO John Curran.

  • Telecom Timeout: Video investments

    This week's video blog looks at vendor moves to invest in content-enabling technology, broadband stimulus grant distribution, service provider IPTV plans, and a host of additional telecom essentials.

  • Telecom Timeout: IPTV and Ethernet for the win

    This week's Telecom Timeout features the latest information on Verizon's new CFO, Alcatel-Lucent's new Carrier Ethernet switch, and more on IPTV and Nortel.

  • Telecom Timeout: Trials and tribulations

    Juniper Q4 2008 results, Alcatel-Lucent's end of year 2008 results, U.S. digital television conversion and AT&T out-sourcing suspension are a few topics covered on this week's Telecom Timeout video update.

  • Telecom Timeout: Groundhog Day

    Digital TV switch delay, Nortel and Q4 and end of year results for telecoms are just a few of the topics covered in this week's Telecom Timeout video update.

  • Deploying high performance enterprise wireless LANs, screencast video

    Learn how to deploy and build a high performance enterprise wireless local area network (WLAN) with emerging technology improvements like 802.11n in order to boost network performance speeds.