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Video: Cloud networking solutions and bridging gaps between clouds

In this video, Networking Media Group executive editor Rivka Gewirtz Little interviews Kris Bliesner, CEO and co-founder of 2nd Watch Inc., a global systems integrator, software and deployment firm focused on IT operations. Bliesner shares his thoughts on such topics as network virtualization, hybrid cloud scenarios, networking across physical domains, software-defined networking and more.

According to Bliesner, network virtualization is a topic that doesn't get a lot of attention but is something that is going to affect different cloud computing environments at various times -- including throughout integration phases.

"Cloud is the next step in virtualization, in a way, so when people think about virtualization, they typically think about storage and servers -- but they don't think about Network as a Service or network virtualization," he said.

After changing gears to the topic of tools that can help network across clouds, Bliesner said this is an area where more and more companies are starting to get their feet wet by offering useful appliances and cloud networking solutions to assist in these processes.

"A company called Alert Logic has software and hardware appliances that [specialize in] intrusion-detection systems, log management and auditing. [They also offer other similar] tools that are very popular in the midmarket space," he said. "They also came up with a solution for public cloud infrastructure that allows a single pane of glass between your on-premises infrastructure network and your cloud infrastructure network."

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