SDN security: Chris Young of Cisco says SDN can boost network security

SAN FRANCISCO -- While some information security practitioners believe software-defined networking represents new challenges in the realm of enterprise network security, Cisco Systems Inc. sees SDN as an opportunity to fundamentally transform enterprise network security in a positive way.

"We believe SDN can provide a better way to deliver security across the network infrastructure as well as the data center," said Chris Young, Cisco senior vice president for security and government.

In this video recorded at the 2013 RSA Conference, Young discusses the networking giant's SDN security strategy, including the opportunity for seamless security across enterprise networks, data centers and cloud computing infrastructures. Young also talks about the Cisco Open Network Environment (ONE) product line, the link between SDN and Cisco's recent acquisition of Cognitive Security, and the effect SDN will ultimately have on Cisco's network security business.

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