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Nectar uses Lync SDN API to pinpoint UC performance issues

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced it would release an SDN application programming interface (API) that helps identify critical issues in its Lync unified communications platform. The goal of the API is to increase visibility and promote better integration with the underlying network. Prior to the API's release, users were unable to see session details and couldn't pinpoint the root of application performance problems due to encryption. Wireless and wired networks alike faced similar issues, ranging from the disconnection of network health and quality metrics to the inability of traditional network monitoring to work because of encryption.

Nectar Services Corp., a vendor that provides monitoring and quality-of-service diagnostics, employed Lync in its Unified Communication Diagnostics platform, giving users insight into session and topology data in real time. With the help of the Lync SDN API, information is fed directly into the company's monitoring platform, and as a result, managers can better quarantine and solve network issues.

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