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More devices mean more enterprise mobility challenges

Nemertes Research vice president and service director, Irwin Lazar, discusses two trends in mobility: the increasing number of mobile devices and the increasing demands on wireless networks. He explains the enterprise mobility challenges of device management, content management and network performance and provides strategies to overcome them.

Lazar bases his information off extensive research Nemertes conducts each year that explores how organizations evaluate the business impact of emerging technologies, how they formulate strategies to implement new technologies and services and how they measure the success of those initiatives. When it comes to mobility, Lazar says the industry is seeing an overall increase in spending, device bandwidth, usage and applications that does not appear to have an end in sight. The organizations that see the most success with mobility are those who have the highest number of devices per employee. It comes as no surprise then that the organizations with the highest number of devices are the ones devoting more of their IT spending on mobility.

One of the biggest impacts that mobility has on the enterprise is that people want to put more and more mobile devices on a wireless network. The expectation is that "my company authorized the use of my iPhone so I ought to be able to get high quality performance." Lazar explains that the mindset used to be "stay wired, unless you absolutely need to be wireless." But now, the wireless network comes first.

Lazar explains six pain points of increased mobility: device management, application management, content management, application development, network performance and desktop unification and offers strategies to manage them. Network-based mobile device management, application development and software-defined networking approaches are among some of his recommendations.

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More devices on a wireless network is eventually going to mean more upgrades to wireless infrastructure to accommodate the increased traffic demands.