Migration to IPv6: Video interview with John Curran

The term "IPv4" may not be a term that is keeping wide area network (WAN) managers up at night, but the implications and limitations of this well-worn Internet protocol may soon be the source of many bad dreams and even nightmares for any company that relies on the Internet for business activities. The fact is, because of the inherent limitations of the IPv4 protocol, the Internet is quickly running out of addresses needed to identify devices on a network. Some experts believe IP address depletion may happen in less than two years -- sooner if the pace picks up in such areas as virtualization and remote computing. The solution may come in the form of IPv6 -- a variation on the IPv4 theme and an update of the older protocol. There are a much larger number of IPv6 addresses. IPv6, therefore, has the potential to provide more Internet addresses than its v4 predecessor. There are interoperability issues, however, and migration to IPv6 will not be as simple as throwing a switch.

In this Migration to IPv6 video, Tim Scannell talked to John Curran, founder and current president of the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) -- a non-profit group that helps coordinate and manage regional Internet number resources. Curran has been involved in the migration to IPv6 for some time and is convinced that business networks need an IPv6 transition or they will be shut out of many Internet resources when IPv4 addresses exhaust completely.

Watch this 10-minute IPv6 video interview of John Curran as he answers these questions concerning the migration to IPv6:

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