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Maximizing applications in the hybrid cloud environment

In this webinar, Tom Nolle, president of CIMI Corp., explains how to assess the quality of experience (QoE) of a hybrid cloud environment, how to troubleshoot cloud app problems and what to do to overcome and avoid pitfalls.

When it comes to the cloud, applications can be hosted anywhere. Nolle says that while this offers a lot of benefits, some trouble points exist and need to be discussed. For one thing, the application could have a wide geographic scope making it difficult to manage. Resource quality and connection to the resource also varies tremendously. In order to maximize the elastic environment of the cloud, it is important to recognize the role the network plays in holding it all together.

When it comes to monitoring, you need to know what it is you're going to monitor and where you are going to do it. Point-of-experience (PoE) monitoring delivers information on response time and QoE, but it doesn't offer any indication of where a problem might be occurring or how it might be fixed. Service border monitoring provides information on the behavior of a cloud service, but visibility into the cloud's resources is rarely available. Integrated application performance monitoring gathers data from multiple sources and translates it into a common operations center context to analyze resources and application behavior.

When solving cloud app problems, it isn't about getting more data, it's about having the right analytics capabilities. Nolle says that network managers often want to get more and more data, but this isn't helpful. You need to be able to identify your resources and have a frame of reference by establishing a baseline from normal operational conditions in order to measure current conditions against that metric.

Analyzing data and managing resources go hand in hand when dealing with network problems. This is especially important for the hybrid cloud when a physical location for resources cannot be pinpointed. Nolle says that hybrid cloud resource management starts with point-of-experience data and adds the trio of cloud management data, networking management data and data obtained by deploying application monitoring tools as part of the cloud's application image.

Watch the video for Nolle's tips on how to get the most from the data you already have in order to troubleshoot cloud app problems.

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