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How to work successfully with WLAN controllers

For most users today, the wireless LAN is the only LAN that matters, and WLAN controllers are critical. In the modern workspace, there is often no guarantee of standard wireless connectivity for devices.

Today's wireless LAN outlook includes a special focus on mobile users, bring your own device policies, and consumerization of IT (CoIT). LAN faces a range of challenges, spanning reliability, total cost of ownership, as well as coverage and capacity. In fact, the focus in wireless LAN is shifting away from the radio and telecommunications end and becoming increasingly network oriented.

Management and policy are key elements. But what implements management and policy? Control! WLAN controllers must take center stage in the effort to harness LAN and put it to work for you and your organization.

But before considering WLAN controllers, network engineers must also understand the other elements of wireless LAN. The distributed, software, virtual, cloud and hardware elements of WLAN controllers are joined by access points and Power over Ethernet switches, that tie in the rest of the wired infrastructure.

To understand implementation for WLAN controllers, engineers must grasp the "planes" model covered in our webcast. Your wireless system can be subdivided and diagrammed according to the data, control and management planes, and factors such as radio resource management, configuration and deployment apply directly to your implementation strategy.

Before taking the next step with your WLAN controllers, consider the changing face of wireless LAN as it grows in significance, experiences fresh challenges and wrestles with BYOD, mobile, CoIT and capacity issues. Today, WLAN is more and more an area of tremendous significance for network engineers that must be deeply understood to deliver for organization's demands.

Viewers of this webcast will discover the tricks needed to understand WLAN controllers, present-day WLAN and the best ways to approach your unified management system.


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