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How to understand modern network security threats

Modern network security threats are complex and growing in scope. Blended threats are typical of modern network security threats. In fact, security professionals estimate that over 40% of threats are comprised of five components or more. Taken alone, each component seems innocuous. Like precursor chemicals for a bomb, they combine and become dangerous only once they slip past protective measures.

Modern network security threats are serious for your business. Enterprises are experiencing increasing complexity, a growing threat surface, more attacks inside and out as well as escalating financial and legal consequences. Security needs to be omnipresent to meet the demands of users and deliver services everywhere at once. Trends like SaaS, PaaS and IaaS mean soaring quantities of data to be sifted and understood, complicating the task of countering modern network security threats even further.

The boom in data availability continues to muddy the waters for IT professionals and SIEM program administrators fighting modern network security threats. They must manage data logs and provide network security like never before. However, scaling and streamlining SIEM may not be enough on its own. SIEM and IDS/IPS streams may need to be combined for next-level advanced security analytics. John Burke, principal analyst and CIO with Nemertes Research explores these issues in-depth. Check out the video to find out more ways that you can identify and prepare for the new variety of threats.

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