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How to monitor network usage in modern enterprise IT

In the past, network service delivery and monitoring network usage were much different than they are today. Networks had distinct tiers, physically and architecturally, with north-south flows. Most networks were centered inside enterprises. Today, we have a world of less distinct tiers, services instead of servers and east-west flows. Users can be anywhere.

How to monitor network usage in this new reality? We must monitor everywhere. To monitor network usage, you need to understand existing switches, routers, endpoints and hosts. IT teams must also grasp the new legion of virtual switches, hypervisors, VMs and containers, as well as APIs.

To really achieve our monitoring goals, we must think about monitoring as if it were just another network application. We can add in software-defined networking (SDN) and allow controllers to talk to edge devices. Today, SDN can even monitor non-SDN networks when we use SDN gear in parallel with traditional switching. SPAN ports to data plane devices can report through the controller to monitoring applications to help monitor network usage.

SDN and SD-WAN will help to provision better network monitoring now and going forward. Watch the video to understand more about the new realities of monitoring network usage.

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