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This content is part of the Essential Guide: Next-generation firewalls for modern network security architectures
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How to find the next-gen firewall your network security needs

Next-generation firewalls are quickly replacing traditional firewalls and intrusion prevention systems that just can't cope with increasingly sophisticated attacks. The bad guys aiming for your network are stealthier than ever, and focused on Layer 7 traffic. The security perimeters of many enterprises, with older defenses focused on Layers 3 and 4, are no match for the attacks coming at them.

In this webcast, Dave Shackleford examines what NGFW technology offers, with a focus on the common features and capabilities network security pros will find in vendor offerings. He also includes guidance on when it's best to use NGFW as a complete replacement or under what circumstances NGFW works best as an additional layer of defense. He concludes with a detailed list of questions any IT department considering NGFW should ask vendors in order to select the tool that best suits corporate needs.

This webcast is an invaluable resource for network managers who need to know now whether their current system needs NGFW and, if so, how to go about acquiring and integrating it.

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