How to approach wireless LAN architectures

Poorly planned wireless LAN architectures can mean disaster for wireless networks. Networking professionals need to understand the two paths in wireless networking: controller-centric approach, and a decentralized -- also known as controller-less or smart AP -- approach.

In this video, senior site editor Rivka Gewirtz Little sits down with Lisa Phifer, president of Core Competence, to discuss WLAN architectures. Phifer discusses the two approaches in length, including the benefits of a controller-centric approach and a decentralized (controller-less or smart AP) approach.

Lisa Phifer is president and co-owner of Core Competence, a consulting firm focused on business use of emerging network and security technologies. At Core Competence, Lisa draws upon her 27 years of network design, implementation, and testing experience to provide a range of services, from vulnerability assessment and product evaluation to user education and white paper development.

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