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End-to-end visibility is possible even with a hybrid network

The key to monitoring and managing the network today is to use every vantage point to collect data and then employ the right analytical tools. In this video, John Burke of Nemertes Research reviews the modern IT network, noting that most enterprises now have a hybrid service delivery environment. (In fact, a whopping 97% of enterprises are using SaaS.) This means services can be delivered everywhere but performance problems can happen anywhere.

But putting some network elements in the cloud doesn't make the network opaque. As Burke explains, if you exploit all available vantage points, you'll get a flood of performance data, and with the right tools, that data can be put to good use. Burke reviews the tools available -- from packaged operations analytic tools to APM tools to "roll your own" options -- and looks at a future shaped by SDN.

Modern network infrastructure is hybrid, which means it's complex. But you can still improve the performance of your most important network services; in this video Burke shows you how.

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