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Shifts in application delivery management make APM crucial

Today's enterprises are studies in change. The average lifespan of a company listed in the S&P 500 decreased from 67 years in the 1920s to just 15 years today. By 2020, more than three-quarters of the S&P 500 will be companies we have not heard of yet.

The pace of business change puts pressure on IT to at least keep up, but ideally, it should lead the way. One method is through an improved application delivery management process. With applications increasingly critical for enterprises, improving the application delivery process through application performance management (APM) is crucial.

When business-critical apps lag because the application delivery management process goes poorly, enterprise personnel at all levels feel the pain. CIOs get intense pressure; the reputation of a firm's IT department is tarnished; and -- most significantly -- an enterprise can begin to lose revenue and customers, and struggle with its public image.  

Current challenges in the application delivery management process often emerge in the traditional client server delivery model. With this model of app delivery, database servers are connected to end users through a string of network intermediaries. In light of packet loss, the need to support mobile workers, and the growing adoption of server virtualization, changes in APM are needed to remediate any problems at this critical stage in the application delivery. 

Before taking the next steps in application delivery management, consider its changing face. Ongoing adoption of public, private and hybrid cloud both eases challenges and increases complexity.

In this webcast, IT expert Jim Metzler reveals the tricks of modern app delivery and APM. View the webcast and learn the latest in app delivery and the best ways to survive and thrive in a virtualized world.

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