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Could SDN network virtualization change everything?

In the final part of his three-part presentation on software-defined networking (SDN) and network virtualization, expert Jim Metzler shares advanced details on virtualization and software-defined networks. He says there is a significant need for network virtualization. Network overlays represent a traditional approach to solving network problems, he explains, while SDN has potential to fundamentally change how networking is implemented.

He compares the methods in great depth and cites pros and cons for each means of implementation. 

Metzler also explores SDN in the WAN and discusses the advantages of bringing SDN into the data center and ongoing efforts.

He looks into SDN controller functionality and dissects specific areas such as scalability, performance and security. 

The main goals of SDN-based network virtualization include the ability to create flexible networks to meet diverse requirements and ensure isolation between virtual networks. And although admirable and feasible somewhere down the road, Metzler says SDN is still in the early adopter stage.

This presentation was recorded in January 2013.


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