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Software as a Service challenges: Building your roadmap to success

This FAQ guide with expert Henry Svendblad lays out the most common Software as a Service challenges for management and how to overcome them.

Software as a Service (SaaS) is rapidly changing the IT landscape. Applications and processes that have traditionally been on-premises are now becoming externalized, provided by third parties via the cloud. While this ultimately brings many benefits in terms of cost, space and efficiency, transitioning to this new reality can be tumultuous for IT management.

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In this FAQ guide, expert Henry Svendblad tackles the many daunting Software as a Service challenges for IT management. Read on for insight into SaaS monitoring, IT service delivery management, making sure you have the right tools in your arsenal and how to plot a roadmap forward to an everything-as-service environment.

What are the most important challenges brought on by the new shift to Software as a Service?

Organizations are increasingly adopting externalized services such as Software as Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS). But this rapidly shifting paradigm brings many critical challenges, including integrating, monitoring and managing all these different services.

Read on for expert advice on the most pressing Software as a Service challenges.

What do organizations need in order to achieve efficient, worry-free SaaS monitoring?

One of the biggest SaaS challenges is that service delivery is expected in real-time, while being distributed across many different locations. And on top of that, much of the technology within these disparate locations is now virtualized.

So how can IT effectively look across all of these locations and into these virtual software constructs?

Continue reading to learn what organizations will need to achieve what Henry calls "IT Nirvana."

What is the first step organizations need to take in order to improve their IT service delivery management?

In order to get a handle on managing service delivery, you'll need to rank all of your business applications and business services by cost, criticality to your business and the impact on your business in the event that those applications fail. Putting this comprehensive list together is no picnic, and there may be competing interests vying for top billing.

Continue reading Henry Svendblad's response on improving IT service delivery management.

How do organizations ensure they have the proper IT monitoring tools to juggle so many new externalized services?

Your existing IT monitoring tools will likely not be sufficient for SaaS. So you need to determine the requirements for the IT monitoring tools you need to ensure acceptable end-to-end service delivery and optimization. This includes:

  • Proactively managing every component that makes up a service;
  • Understanding how that service runs optimally;
  • Making sure that service's expectations are being met; and
  • Understanding the cost of delivering that service to the business.

Read the full response on ensuring your IT monitoring tools are up to speed.

This was last published in July 2013

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