Optimize bandwidth for maximum network performance

Today's enterprise applications are demanding more and more network bandwidth. How do you ensure you have enough bandwidth and how do you maximize its performance? Find out with these resources.

Today's networked enterprise applications demand more and more bandwidth. So how do you optimize bandwidth to maximize performance of those applications? Find out with these resources.



Calculating current and future bandwidth requirements
This tip offers key considerations for the more common factors influencing the need for increased bandwidth. Network engineers will discover what constitutes best practices when estimating current and future bandwidth needs.


Understanding bandwidth

Understanding bottlenecks and bandwidth utilization
Mysterious slowdowns, dropped connections and other anomalies have network managers frustrated. Take the mystery out of your performance issues with this insightful series by networking expert Carrie Higbie.

The bandwidth challenge -- How much is enough? 
How much bandwidth is enough? This article examines advancements in bandwidth technology and how it will impact grids and clusters.

Bandwidth matters
In a perfect world with perfect networks, bandwidth is really the only thing that matters. But obviously, the world isn't perfect. Discover why understanding bandwidth is essential to a happy network and happy network users.

Bandwidth is a misnomer 
Dr. Jorgenson narrows in on defining bandwidth and reveals what you need to know in order to measure it properly.

Bandwidth scam: Sticky fingers at fault
Throwing bandwidth at a network performance problem rarely solves anything. But why did we think it would? This column guides you to think "outside the box."

Optimizing and managing bandwidth

Monitoring bandwidth on the WAN
Bandwidth is one of the areas network engineers can monitor in order to solve problems of WAN performance. In this tip, Brien Posey looks at two tools for bandwidth measurement -- one powerful high-end monitoring tool, and one low-end tool that is flexible and free.

Optimizing WAN bandwidth for the enterprise 
This column examines the alternatives available to help network architects satisfy both the demand for bandwidth and the corporate CFO.

From bandwidth management to bandwidth governance 
Network engineers have to do more than manage bandwidth supply. They must apply best practices to the consumption of bandwidth, so that network use is aligned with business drivers.

Ensuring private cloud performance assurance
Ensuring performance assurance becomes part of IT's job responsibilities when enterprises choose to adopt hybrid or private cloud computing environments. in this article, learn how to assess your wide area network for a quality application experience.

Invisible traffic that steals bandwidth
If your network says it's busy when you know it isn't, you may be experiencing 'phantom traffic.' Here Loki Jorgenson takes the mystery out of the sources of traffic-like behavior.

Calculating bandwidth
Dr. Jorgenson answers the question, "How do I calculate bandwidth?"

Measuring utilization 
Dr. Jorgenson answers the question, "What can I use to see how much bandwidth is being utilized?"

Determining peak bandwidth
Nandan Gijare answers the question, "How can I determine the peak bandwidth of my WAN connection?"

Bandwidth utilization graph
Dwight Barker answers the question, "How do you interpret a bandwidth utilization graph?"

Book excerpts

Chapter download: Bandwidth management
This selection from CCSP Self-Study: Cisco Secure Virtual Private Networks (CSVPN) explains how you can configure the Concentrator to deliver the most effective bandwidth settings for your particular network.

Chapter download: Open Source Network Administration, Chapter 3
This featured chapter describes MRTG. MRTG produces Web pages that display graphs of bandwidth use on network links on daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly scales. This can be an invaluable tool for diagnosing network problems because it not only indicates the current status of the network but also lets you visually compare this with the history of network utilization. (PDF)


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