FastFacts on network documentation

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Documenting your network doesn't exactly sound like the most exciting way to spend your time, does it? It involves creating a diagram, usually with a documentation tool such as Visio or LanFlow, that illustrates how your servers, routers and switches are connected, either logically or physically. However, a comprehensive network documentation can be of vital importance. In addition to serving as a network blueprint, it can also help you remember what you did to your network, and just as importantly, why. This can make maintaining your network and troubleshooting problems a much easier and smoother process. Check out these fast facts to network documentation.

Network administrator documentation

Build your network utilization history

Router Expert: Conducting a network inventory, part 1

Router Expert: Conducting a network inventory, part 2

Diagrams - part 1

Diagrams - part 2

Diagrams – samples

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