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CompTIA Network+ exam FAQs, Part 6

If you have questions about the CompTIA Network+ exam, find answers in this FAQ provided by ProProfs.

The following is a list of answers for frequently-asked questions about Network+.

Cost in the U.S. is $218.00.
It's a one part (single exam) test.
The test is 85 questions.
Grade is from 100 to 900.
Passing score is 554.
Network+ certification 2005 exam code is N10-003.
Online calculator is available if needed.
Format: conventional, situational, identification, multiple choice.
Retake policy is about the same as A+.

  • No waiting to retest after first failure.
  • Must wait 30 days after second failure.
  • If you have passed and want to retest (for higher score) wait is 12 months.

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