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Advanced router configuration and management: Crash Course

Once you've mastered the basics, it's time to learn some of the more advanced features of the router. Check out these informative tips and indepth technical advice and take your router knowledge to the next level.

Once you've mastered router basics, you're ready to move on to our recently revamped advanced router crash course....

Check out these informative tips and indepth technical advice and take your router knowledge to the next level. Learn the best techniques for configuring and managing your routers while ensuring their security.


In packet-switched networks such as the Internet, a router is a device or, in some cases, software in a computer, that determines the next network point to which a packet should be forwarded toward its destination...

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Cisco files suit to stifle hacker (28 July 2005|

Cisco brings multifunction router to the masses (02 May 2005 |

Cisco updates high-density enterprise router (18 Apr 2005|

When router management is your worst nightmare (11 Apr 2005|

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Router Expert: Building a WLAN proxy server, Part 1
Router Expert: Building a WLAN proxy server, Part 2
Learn how to build an http proxy server for a wireless network segment using Linux.

How (and why) to turn a Linux server into a router
Author Peter Harrison explains why Linux can reduce the cost of routers and how to make that happen.

Configuring HSRP and VRRP on Cisco routers
This expert tip provides an overview of HSRP and VRRP and their configuration on Cisco routers.

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In an office network, does the router need to be permanently connected to a computer for configuration and troubleshooting purposes?
Expert response: Not really. You can telnet to the router from any PC as far as router is reachable...

What is CDP in router configuration?
Expert response: CDP is Cisco Discovery Protocol, a proprietary protocol from Cisco spoken and understood by...

How can I check to see that all of our routers are configured for TACACS access?
Expert response: There are several ways to validate that all of your routers are configured for TACACS access. Without knowing what...

Do I need to upgrade my router in order to use multicast TCP/IP port?
Expert response: As I am not aware of the particular router you mention, I would advise that you visit Linksys's support page to obtain its specifications and see if...

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Deploying advanced security on integrated services routers
Listen to an interactive technical discussion about how to deploy integrated security on the new Cisco integrated services routers (ISRs).

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Security services and speed... Oh my! Part 1: The architecture
Security services and speed... Oh my! Part 2: The platforms
The following white papers will show how the new Cisco Integrated Services Routers offer secure, wire-speed delivery of concurrent data, voice and video services.

Conditional access with the Source Media Router
Ensuring the secure, reliable delivery of content to subscribers is vital to the service provider's business model.

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This was last published in August 2005

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