WAN optimization and performance

  • QoE benchmarks or diagnostics for application performance: What's the difference?

    The importance of managing (monitoring as well as actively managing) networked applications for QoE should be all but self evident. EMA data from 2007 (Figure 1) showed that a healthy 72% of respondents from a wide range of enterprises and service ...  Continue Reading

  • Bandwidth matters

    In a perfect world with perfect networks, bandwidth is really the only thing that matters. But obviously, the world isn't perfect. Discover why understanding bandwidth is essential to a happy network and happy network users.  Continue Reading

  • Configuring MPLS -- Cisco CCIP MPLS certification: Lesson 5

    In addition to understanding MPLS theory, you must be able to configure routers for MPLS in order to pass the CCIP 642-611 - Implementing Cisco MPLS Exam. The configuration can apply to customer edge (CE) routers, provider edge (PE) routers or ...  Continue Reading

  • WAN interface confusion

    Today's WAN technologies are the product of lots of different standards bodies, both foreign and domestic, and the heritage of our 100-year-old voice technology. It's a confusing mess of circuit-switched, cell-switched, packet-switched and now "...  Continue Reading

  • Seeing through transparency claims

    WAN acceleration and optimization techniques require communication between devices for consistent, reliable compression and decompression of data packets. In this tip, learn the pros and cons of header transparency and peering technologies and find ...  Continue Reading

  • WAN acceleration scalability: Part 1

    As WAN acceleration becomes more critical to business operations, the average size and scope of deployment is steadily increasing. This creates a variety of questions pertaining to product scalability. What happens when new applications are deployed...  Continue Reading