Telecommunication networking

  • A new vision for telecom network transformation

    To maintain revenue from transporting bits over their networks, telecom operators must adopt a new vision of transformation, plus a new model to monetize network investment. Think supermarket, with basic supplies and premium products, which means ...  Continue Reading

  • Rural broadband stimulus: It's not about the jobs

    An estimated $7.2 billion is on the table for a broadband stimulus plan, and economists are out in force debating whether it will create jobs or make no difference. Without a guaranteed rate-of-return for service providers to build out in rural and ...  Continue Reading

  • Configuring a VRF

    Doug Downer demonstrates how to configure a VPN Routing and Forwarding (VRF) in an instance where a service provider needs to keep Internet services separate for two different clients on shared devices.  Continue Reading

  • Using MPLS TE to avoid core network congestion

    Telecom service providers with high-bandwidth core networks inevitably face link congestion. To help you deal with router architecture proactively, IP expert Ivan Pepelnjak offers advice on reintroducing virtual circuits in the core IP network using...  Continue Reading