Network protocols and standards

  • IP address depletion hastens IPv6 adoption

    IPv4 IP address depletion is hastening the need to switch from IPv4 to IPv6. In this column, Loki Jorgenson explains where we are now in terms of IPv6 readiness and provides some insight on how much work network operators will face.  Continue Reading

  • Understanding the ISDN standard

    Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) is a digital telephone standard designed to replace analogue connections by utilizing ordinary copper wires that are used in standard analogue telephone systems. Learn how Integrated Services Digital ...  Continue Reading

  • New gigabit standard: How fast is fast enough?

    Last June, the 10GBASE-T standard was published promising 10 Gbit operations on copper cabling. This standard was originally targeted toward data centers, but the Ethernet Alliance and IEEE are working on increasing this standard to potentially 40 ...  Continue Reading

  • OSI: Securing the Stack, Layer 7 -- Applications

    Domain Name System (DNS) wasn't designed to handle today's security threats, making it a prime target at Layer 7 -- the application layer -- of the OSI model. In this tip, learn how DNS works and some of the ways hackers attack it, including ...  Continue Reading