Network management and monitoring

  • WAN acceleration scalability: Part 3

    As WAN acceleration becomes more critical to business operations, the average size and scope of deployment is steadily increasing. In this tip, we wrap up our series on considerations for scaling a WAN acceleration solution that are critical when ...  Continue Reading

  • Better management = increased value

    As our networks become more complex and network traffic continues to increase, network professionals need comprehensive data analytics, management and reporting skills. This column explores three converging trends that will force network managers to...  Continue Reading

  • Performance management -- making it relevant

    Network engineers struggle with data overload. So much so that it's impossible to analyze the avalanche of available network data to provide meaningful information for business management. In this column, Richard Ptak offers four suggestions to help...  Continue Reading

  • Network test plan: Checklist for architecture changes

    For every change you make to your network architecture, you should have a test plan and a backout plan. In this tip, learn how to build a test plan and review a sample checklist of things to include.  Continue Reading

  • WAN acceleration scalability: Part 2

    Dr. David Hughes continues his discussion of the top considerations for scaling a WAN acceleration appliance. Here are numbers three through six: performance under load, hardware acceleration for encryption, breadth of application supported and QoS.  Continue Reading

  • Duplex mismatch

    What is duplex, and what is the difference between half and full duplex? What is a duplex mismatch? How can autonegotiation help or hurt your network? How can you resolve duplex conflicts? In this tip, David Davis helps networking engineers and ...  Continue Reading

  • Duplex mismatch: Stop the conflicts, part 2

    Today, the majority of modern cabling supports full-duplex, and there is a significantly diminished need for half-duplex -- or at least, that is what one would like to think. In this column, Loki Jorgenson examines extenuating circumstances where ...  Continue Reading

  • Network engineering overview: Techniques for making changes

    Network engineers are often faced with the task of making changes to the network with minimal downtime. Whether you are upgrading an Ethernet switch or adding a whole new building to your network, this tip surveys some of the decisions you need to ...  Continue Reading

  • Planning Network Load Balancing clusters

    Servers that use Windows Network Load Balancing can benefit from optimization. Servers should be optimized for their role, the types of applications they will run, and the anticipated local storage they will use.  Continue Reading