Network Infrastructure

  • Duplex mismatch

    What is duplex, and what is the difference between half and full duplex? What is a duplex mismatch? How can autonegotiation help or hurt your network? How can you resolve duplex conflicts? In this tip, David Davis helps networking engineers and ...  Continue Reading

  • Wi-Fi versus WiMAX

    Wi-Fi and WiMAX are hot wireless technologies currently experiencing an enormous increase in deployments, products and services -- but they're also easily confused. Here, Robbie Harrell examines the difference between the two technologies in terms ...  Continue Reading

  • Binary-to-decimal conversion

    Binary to decimal conversion is explained in this tip on how a network device uses its IP address, subnet mask and default gateway information.  Continue Reading

  • Content Delivery Networking: an introduction

    Doug Downer gives an overview of Content Delivery Network (CDN) technology and its components, which bring together the functionality of file access, caching, multimedia delivery and application processing.  Continue Reading

  • A router by any other name is still a router

    While many articles discuss what makes a switch a switch and a router a router, this article focuses on delineating the characteristics between enterprise and home devices.  Continue Reading