Network Infrastructure

  • Network design: Five ways to lower your costs

    Any modern company needs a fast and efficient network to support its communications and business systems, and superior technology can sometimes provide the upper hand in a competitive market. At the same time, IT budgets are limited, requiring smart...  Continue Reading

  • Cisco router ISDN configuration

    Learn how to configure your Cisco router to work with Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN). This tip teaches you Cisco routers' basic ISDN configuration, demand dial routing and demonstrates real-case scenarios for your routing connection.  Continue Reading

  • IP address depletion hastens IPv6 adoption

    IPv4 IP address depletion is hastening the need to switch from IPv4 to IPv6. In this column, Loki Jorgenson explains where we are now in terms of IPv6 readiness and provides some insight on how much work network operators will face.  Continue Reading

  • Virtual routing and forwarding (VRF) extends virtual networks

    Virtual networks are the backbone of virtual systems, linking the servers and storage that together constitute the virtual system. But virtual networks -- and therefore virtual systems -- are often limited to a single facility. Virtual routing and ...  Continue Reading

  • Understanding the ISDN standard

    Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) is a digital telephone standard designed to replace analogue connections by utilizing ordinary copper wires that are used in standard analogue telephone systems. Learn how Integrated Services Digital ...  Continue Reading