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Why Do You Need a Firewall? from 'Firewalls For Dummies'

Why Do You Need a Firewall? Chapter 1 of "Firewalls For Dummies" provides an excellent overview of what a firewall is, what it does and how it works.

Why Do You Need a Firewall?
Firewalls For Dummies, Chapter 1


"Why Do You Need a Firewall?" Chapter 1 of Firewalls For Dummies provides an excellent overview of what a firewall is, what it does and how it works. Find out when you might need a firewall, and understand key issues like security and hacking. This chapter will help you identify hackers, and it will teach you what you need to know about Internet protocols in order to understand firewalls and set rules for your network traffic.

About Firewalls For Dummies: If you run a business, you may be worried about the security of your data and your customers' privacy. Firewalls For Dummies will give you the lowdown on firewalls, then guide you through choosing, installing, and configuring one for your network. This book will help you understand what firewalls are, how they operate on different types of networks, what they can and can't do, and how to pick a good one. Learn how to develop security policies, establish rules for simple protocols, detect and respond to system intrusions, set up firewalls for SOHO use and much more!

Download Firewalls For Dummies, Chapter 1: "Why do you need a firewall?" here.

This book chapter was excerpted from Firewalls For Dummies, Second Edition by Brian Komar, Ronald Beekelaar and Joern Wettern (ISBN: 0764540483). Copyright © 2005, John Wiley & Sons Inc. All rights reserved.

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