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Web SSL VPN advantages: Secure remote access

View this business case to understand Web SSL VPN advantages and how they compare with traditional IPsec virtual private networks. Learn in this tip how secure remote access can be easier, faster and cheaper for enterprise wide area networks (WANs).

While new Web SSL VPN technology is great, is there any real value in it for the business? The answer is clearly...

"Yes." Here are a few Web SSL VPN advantages that will help give you a clear business case to use them over traditional IPsec VPNs.

Web SSL VPN advantages:

  • Web SSL VPNs are simpler to set up and troubleshoot. One advantage is that SSL VPNs have a lot less administrative overhead and technical support required than traditional VPN clients thanks to their ease of use.
  • Another Web SSL VPN advantage is price: SSL VPNs cost less than traditional IPsec VPNs. They do not require proprietary VPN client software to be purchased or licensed (in most cases).
  • SSL makes use of Port 443. This almost guarantees it will work through any firewall that provides standard Internet access, without the need of any special configuration. No more users having trouble connecting to the corporate network because of a restrictive Internet connection.
  • Web SSL VPNs are compatible with all operating systems and Web browsers.
  • Web SSL VPNs have full IP application support -- replacing IPsec VPN client programs completely.
  • Other Web SSL VPN advantages include the ability to create security policies and allow access only when these policies are met -- such as Client Firewall present and enabled, client antivirus updated with the latest definitions and more.
  • Web SSL VPNs are available on servers, firewalls and even routers! You don't necessarily need a dedicated machine only for your VPN users as it is supported even on small devices such as Cisco 870 series routers.
  • Now you understand the advantages of Web SSL VPNs and what the Web SSL VPN hype is all about. Web SSL VPNs are the future of remote VPN access. As time passes, more vendors will start offering these solutions in their products.

    Don't be afraid to adopt SSL VPN solutions -- they will help you solve a great number of network security problems and will help you get your job done better, faster and safer

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This was last published in April 2010

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