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A look at some of the downloadable tools available at Snapfiles.

One very nice repository for freeware and shareware Web utilities is the Web site now called (it was recently known as This Web site is a repository for a variety of what they term "Internet Tools" including pop-up blockers, spyware catchers, and the like; but it is also useful to network system managers because it offers you some of the better shareware tools for network diagnostics and management.

A scan of Snapfiles top twenty download list offers you such titles as:

  • TuneUp Utilities. A system utility suite that analyzes system configuration and makes changes.
  • Internet Download Manager. A tool for speeding up and scheduling downloads that can also let you resume interrupted downloads.
  • CommView. This program monitors network activity by analyzing packets; essentially it's a sniffer.
  • Spy Sweeper. A program for removal of spyware.
  • SmartWhois. A visual WHOIS tool.
  • AW Security Port Scanner. The Atelier Web Security Port Scanner (AWSPS) analyzes port usage.
  • Essential NetTools. Monitors and manages network connections.

Clearly there are many more useful utilities to be found on this site. Each tool contains an abstract description as well as both feedback from users and a quality rating of up to 5 stars.

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This was last published in January 2004

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