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Secure your Cisco VPN running on PIX

Member George Akin offers advice for changing the ISA key when running a VPN on the PIX via Cisco Secure VPN Client.

When using VPN features on the PIX via Cisco Secure VPN Client, it is advisable to change the ISA key regularly if configured with manual keys.
  1. Configure the PIX with the updated key.
  2. Open Security Policy Editor on a VPN client PC, select 'My Identity' under your listed connection, and select the button labeled 'pre-shared key'. Enter the updated manual key here. Save the configuration, go to 'File' on the menu bar and select 'export security policy'.
  3. E-mail the resulting policy file (.SPD extension) to all of your VPN users with instructions on how to import the policy file.
    PIX#isakmp key xxxxxxxxxx address netmask PIX#sysopt ipsec pl-compatible
This was last published in October 2001

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