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Networking jobs -- what's hot and what's not

E-commerce is not only driving the information technology job market, it's snapping up nearly all the top jobs. Companies are clamoring for Web architects and designers to build and maintain their e-commerce backbones, extranets, LANs, WANs, and VPNs. People with skills in deploying and integrating network monitoring tools such as OpenView, Cisco Works, and Microsoft System Management Server are very hot. Network security is also critical.

"There's a high demand for mid-level network administrators," says Bill Dawson, IT consultant with Protis Executive Innovations, an Indianapolis, IN-based executive research firm ( "However, with so many people getting MCSE certification, the impact has been diluted a lot. Employers want at least two years of real live hands-on experience." Dawson reports he's seeing an increased need for UNIX administrators, particularly HP. "HP enjoys a lot of popularity in big companies, it seems."

Phillip Foti, president of, a specialty staffing firm serving the Midwest and Silicon Valley (, concurs. "In addition to seeing rapid growth in UNIX, Linux, and administering Web servers, we're also finding a strong demand for people who have cross-functional expertise in Microsoft's SQL Server or shell scripting skills -- C, C++, or Java." Foti says that with the increasing popularity of NT, he's also seeing the Microsoft pay scale rise.

"Anything having to do with the Web is very strong," Foti continues. "Network managers who have Web server experience or who can integrate legacy systems into the Web are commanding high dollars."

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This was last published in September 2000

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