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Networking blogs: Reevaluating the optical market, config builder tips

This week, networking bloggers discuss a potential sea change for the optical market, and reveal some key tips for using custom config builders.

Sea of change ahead for the optical market

The financial and analyst communities tend to gauge market size by simply rolling up equipment vendors' revenues for product lines into a single high-order number. But Jeff Ogle at ACG Research is weary of this approach.

In this blog post, Jeff explains why only looking at market performance at the highest level can give you a false impression of the market and its opportunities, and he illustrates a perfect example of this in the optical market. Read on to learn more.

Server virtualization holding pattern leading to cloud stall

Over the last few years, server virtualization has been one of the hottest trends in IT. But Mark Bowker thinks it's also placing some IT vendors at risk by creating a holding pattern for existing IT. If Mark's theory holds true and IT is vectored to a virtualization holding pattern wherein IT lays dormant for a period of time and evaluates its cloud options, IT spending will likely go through a flat period before transitioning to alternative consumption models.

Read now for Mark's take on what effect this virtualization holding pattern will have on vendors.

Lessons learned writing a custom config builder

Jeremy Stretch at PacketLife needed to develop a configuration templating system. In this helpful blog, Jeremy reveals, step by step, how he created a robust and lightweight configuration templating system based on the Django Python framework.

Continue reading to see how Jeremy tackled config builder challenges, such as having to replace variables by hand and ensuring every variable was appropriately filled in every time.

The demise of the system admin

The role of the system administrator is being threatened by the cloud. As cloud becomes more and more prominent and leaves less and less in-house infrastructure, at what point do we no longer need the SA? Will the SA go the way of the horse and buggy?

In this short webcast, Keith Townsend discusses the future demise of the SA in cloud-enabled enterprises.

This was last published in August 2013

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