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Networking blogs: Big data security trifecta, distributed firewalls

In this week's blog roundup, read about the three areas big data security needs to encompass, and get expert insight on distributed firewalls.

The big data security analytics 'trifecta'

Conventional wisdom states that status quo security isn't adequate against today's growing cyberthreats, so we need more sophisticated analytics to combat threats in the face of big data. But what exactly is the "big data" behind big data security analytics? Enterprise Strategy Group senior principal analyst Jon Oltsik contends that big data security analytics haven't yet reached their true potential.

Read now to learn the three key areas Oltsik believes big data security analytics need to encompass in order to work effectively in today's security landscape.

The realpolitik of technical pre-sales

Years of bitter experience in technical pre-sales has taught Glen Kemp the cold hard truth: Being right doesn't pay the bills. Glen lays out how he struggles to toe the line between knowledge and experience, giving customers what they ask for rather than what he believes they need or what would cost them less.

Find out why pragmatism always wins out over idealism when it comes to technical sales.

NetApp built-in packet capture

Mike Brown has been kind enough to save you the trouble of having to contact NetApp tech support to use NetApp's packet capture.

Read now for easy step-by-step instructions and accompanying screenshots.

What is a distributed firewall?

The interests of security don't often translate into networking. While we do have firewalls to provide security, this security is far from guaranteed. Typically, physical and virtual firewalls hang off the network somewhere catching steered packets -- and we can only hope the network was configured correctly to steer the right traffic to the right policy. In this post, Brad Hedlund delves into the distributed firewall, where traffic steering is removed from the process of implementing security policy.

Continue reading to find out Brad's key takeaways from the distributed firewall.

This was last published in July 2013

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