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Networking Decisions Conference 2004: Wireless networking presentations

This collection of presentations from our 2004 Networking Decisions conference focuses on our wireless sessions.

Networking Decisions 2004 continued to provide a combination of valuable strategic and technical content that our audience took back to their organizations to utilize immediately. We learned from celebrated networking experts, senior executives and industry analysts who revealed the most effective real-world solutions for managing and securing enterprise networks.

Wireless networking presentations

Staying safe in wireless hot spots

Lisa Phifer, Vice President, Core Competence Inc.
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Measuring ROI from Wireless LANs

Rebecca Wettemann, Vice President, Research, Nucleus Research
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Case Study: New Orleans unique approach to wireless

Greg Meffert, CTO, City of New Orleans
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Karaoke and the art of wireless deployment and expansion

Tim Scannell, Founder and Chief Analyst, Shoreline Research
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Research results: Rating networking vendors and overall technology

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Exclusive news from our conference floor
City's mesh network nets criminals

Networking Decisions 2005 will be held in Chicago, Nov. 8-10, 2005.

Today, wireless hotspots are spreading like wildfire in airports, hotels, and cafes. Hotspots offer convenient high-speed Internet access for business travelers, but unprotected visitors are vulnerable to eavesdropping, forgery and virus infection. In this session, explored the security measures used in public hotspots and to how overcome security challenges. Lisa also discussed the role of WPA and 802.1X in hotspot security and how VPNs can help and hinder hotspot users. More and more organizations are implementing wireless LANs with the goals of increased productivity and reduced IT and communications costs. But does a wireless LAN deliver positive ROI? The answer is yes -- in some cases. In this session, identified the key factors to consider when determining whether or not a wireless LAN can deliver positive ROI to your organization, how to credibly quantify expected costs and benefits and how to plan a wireless LAN project that maximizes returns. For The City of New Orleans, the motivation for implementing municipal wireless broadband included public safety and economic development. In this session, showed us how the city took an integrated and unique approach to wireless with limited resources and succeeded in achieving its goals. In this session, explored wireless deployment and discussed new techniques and he gave us some sound advice about actual implementations within major corporations. Musical accompaniment is optional. Based on in-depth interviews with over 150 networking and information security executives, this presentation highlights the 2005-2006 networking technology implementation plans of Fortune 1000 enterprises. Over 30 different emerging technologies and infrastructure technologies will be discussed and the relative demand for each will be presented, based on direct user feedback. In addition, "voice of the customer" ratings and commentary on over 25 different networking technology vendors will be presented. Quotes from customers of these vendors will be used to illustrate the quantitative ratings of these vendors on 12 different corporate and product-specific criteria. : In New Orleans, a wireless mesh network with surveillance cameras has not only helped cops catch criminals in the act, but also kept Wi-Fi costs down and extended access to the underprivileged.
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