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Networking Decisions Conference 2004: Network security presentations

This collection of presentations from our 2004 Networking Decisions conference focuses on our network security sessions.

Networking Decisions 2004 continued to provide a combination of valuable strategic and technical content that our audience took back to their organizations to utilize immediately. We learned from celebrated networking experts, senior executives and industry analysts who revealed the most effective real-world solutions for managing and securing enterprise networks.

Network security presentations

Selling information security to upper management

Kevin Beaver, Founder and President of Principle Logic, LLC
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Best practices for securing IP telephony

Irwin Lazar, Practice Manager, Burton Group
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Encrypt the data, not the network

Jon Callas, CTO and CSO of PGP, Inc.
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Research results: Rating networking vendors and overall technology

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City's mesh network nets criminals

Networking Decisions 2005 will be held in Chicago, Nov. 8-10, 2005.

Convincing upper management of the importance of information security is one of the toughest jobs any IT professional will ever be faced with. However, it must be done in order to ensure information security success within the organization. In this session, outlined how to take the technical aspects out of information security initiatives and turn them around to show business value to upper managers to get buy-in and ongoing support - all without having to make detailed calculations of risk and ROI. Security is a prime concern for most organizations that are evaluating or implementing IP telephony. Moving voice onto the data network implies that all the vulnerabilities currently facing data networks will now be a risk for voice networks as well. In this session, , explored the risk factors in IP telephony and provided best practices and strategies for risk mitigation. Enterprises spend billion of dollars creating massive, mission critical, global networking infrastructures and they are spending billions of more dollars securing this network from unauthorized, nefarious users -- many of whom come from within the enterprise, not from outside. In this session, showed us an alternative approach to leveraging investments as well as the common communications protocols widely in use today. This approach not only addresses e-mail security, but all forms of data traffic that transmit across the ISO stack at level 4. Based on in-depth interviews with over 150 networking and information security executives, this presentation highlights the 2005-2006 networking technology implementation plans of Fortune 1000 enterprises. Over 30 different emerging technologies and infrastructure technologies will be discussed and the relative demand for each will be presented, based on direct user feedback. In addition, "voice of the customer" ratings and commentary on over 25 different networking technology vendors will be presented. Quotes from customers of these vendors will be used to illustrate the quantitative ratings of these vendors on 12 different corporate and product-specific criteria. Exclusive news from our conference floor: In New Orleans, a wireless mesh network with surveillance cameras has not only helped cops catch criminals in the act, but also kept Wi-Fi costs down and extended access to the underprivileged.
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