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Network security, quiz: Lessons 1 - 4

Did you find our Administrator Academy lessons on network security useful? Take this quiz to see what you learned.

Did you find our Administrator Academy lessons on network security useful? Take this quiz to see what you learned.

  1. Most enterprises implement several basic security measures. Which of the following is NOT a common security practice?
    1. Content monitoring
    2. Fault tolerance
    3. Firewall
    4. Intrusion-detection system


  2. It is important for companies to have this document, which states how the company plans to protect the company's physical and information technology assets.

  3. A firewall determines what traffic is allowed through it based on this:
    1. Point-to-point protocol
    2. Channel bank
    3. Rule base
    4. Number portability


  4. There are two types of these systems: host-based and network-based.

  5. This is a utility that records the path through the Internet between your computer and a specified destination computer. It is effective for mapping the network for security purposes.

  6. A network ________ puts the computer's network interface card (NIC) into promiscuous mode. In this mode, the NIC picks up all the traffic on its subnet regardless of whether it was meant for it.

  7. This practice allows you to discover places where an intruder could gain access to your network:
    1. Clickstream analysis
    2. Site mirroring
    3. Subnetting
    4. Port scanning


  8. According to lesson four, the most flexible operating system to use for penetration testing is ______.

  9. An attacker pretending to be someone from the IT department and asking a user to reset his password is an example of:
    1. Social engineering
    2. Data cleansing
    3. Telemetry
    4. Virtual hosting


  10. An attacker will install this to ensure that the next time he tries to access your network he will be able to get in, even if you have found his original point of entry and plugged the hole.
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