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NT software fix for BSODs

NT software fix for BSODs

An often used "quick fix" for NT problems related to the BSOD. You will need a copy of Wintellect's ERD Commander Pro to perform this repair. When typing path names, do NOT include quote marks.

Boot up w/ERD Commander Pro.

Create two directories on the root of "C:". Name them OLDREP and OLDCONFIG.

Copy all files (*.*) from "C:Winntrepair" to "C:OLDREP". Copy all files from "C:WinntSystem32config" to "C:OLDCONFIG".

Delete file "Software" from "C:WinntSystem32config".

Working from "C:OLDREP" directory, expand "software._" to "C:WinntSystem32configsoftware".

Remove Commander Pro disk and type "EXIT" at the prompt. The machine will reboot.

This was last published in October 2002

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