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Moving interfaces between processes

During network growth, it is sometimes necessary to move an interface in a router from one area to another. In earlier releases of the Cisco IOS, area and process changes were not allowed in order to maintain the integrity of the OSPF [Open Shortest Path First] database in memory. Cisco has overcome this hurdle since the release of IOS 11.0. However, the router might still need to be reloaded for the change to take effect. You may run into situations, especially when moving an interface from one OSPF to another, where this action will be required. Another option is to remove the OSPF process completely and reconfigure it. This can be dangerous because if OSPF is your IGP [Interior Gateway Protocol], you might lose connectivity to the router if you are configuring from a VTY session.

From Cisco Router Configuration and Troubleshooting, Second Edition, by Mark Tripod, published by New Riders, Indianapolis, Ind.

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This was last published in August 2000

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