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Forgotten data closets

Based on the Security tips category, it looks like you've either forgotten or become complacent about physical security. Beware of becoming overly concerned with software security. Either way, you need to have a physical security plan for the locations of all network equipment, including the wiring. Creating and documenting standards, best pracitces and disaster recovery plans is essential to a successful network security plan. For example, if you have an electronic entry system, how can you get around it in the event of a power failure? Who can get into the building and then your data center? The plan is no good if only you can get into your wiring closet, but you need to wait for someone else to get into the building. If you work in a leased building, typically, you need to allow the owners to have access to all areas. Your plan should inform them of what equipment they should try to avoid contacting. In case of contact, they should also know who to call.
This was last published in April 2001

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