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Forget the recession; time to optimize the network

Regardless of a recession, service providers still need to accommodate an increasing volume of traffic. Find out how telecom network optimization can help improve service delivery and save ARPU from an untimely death.

Kate Gerwig, Site Editor
Kate Gerwig
Here's the rub if you're a telecom provider of any stripe: You can talk about a global recession all day long, but you still have enormous amounts of traffic to transport efficiently, and the volume is growing every day. So the answer is not to politely ask customers to go along with diminished service until the economic climate gets better. They're not likely to feel your pain -- a definite ARPU killer.

What's a service provider to do? Optimize that network and optimize it now, wherever you can. Providers have a range of options from compression to network virtualization, and's Michael Morisy will be zeroing in on the possibilities over the next two months in his Telecom Network Optimization Options series.

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The first installment, Telecom network optimization driven by higher user expectations, tackles managing network oversubscription created by changing user behavior. He'll follow with optimizing physical infrastructure for wireless, content optimization through caching and compression, and telecom network virtualization

Speaking of network virtualization, Juniper Networks is making a splash with its virtualization announcement, which will no doubt prompt major competitive response. Uncommon Wisdom blogger Tom Nolle casts his insightful eye on Juniper's announcement, and IDC's Eve Griliches says network virtualization will fundamentally change telecom networks.

This was last published in February 2009

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