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Fooling a program into thinking NT is Windows 95

You recently upgraded from Windows 95 to Win NT 4.0 and now some of your software doesn't run properly. Here's how to set Win NT into running in Windows 95 mode and fully use those 16 bit applications, or if you upgraded from NT 3.51 you can regain that more familiar look and feel.
Windows NT 4.0 ships a utility called IMAGECFG.EXE in the supportdebug folder of the Windows NT 4.0 CD-ROM (Note: it does not ship with Windows 2000).

Also in the supportdebug folder are the files
1. setwin95.cmd - to set the system in Windows 95 mode
2. setnt351.cmd - to set the system in Windows NT 3.51 mode

To run, you just run imagecfg with one of the the files. Type imagecfg /? for more information.
This was last published in May 2001

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