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Finding specific subinterfaces on high-end routers

This tip, submitted by member John Zobeck, explains a quick way to find specific interfaces on large routers like the 7500.

When looking for a specific interface on large routers like the 7500 series, a good tip I've found is typing in "show cdp entry xxxx" where xxxx is the remote router name listed connected to that interface. For example, we have over 400 frame-relay WAN sites. When I need to find which WAN site is on which interface, I'll type in "show cdp entry denver*" using the wildcard * to get a list of all our Denver sites listing the interface and IP address of the remote router. This comes in quite handy when searching. We are using 12.0.11 code, so this may be only a feature in 12.0.X code. Give it a try.
This was last published in July 2001

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