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Calculate the cost of downtime (ROI calculator)

Calculate the value of your network time and define how much money you can save by fixing network problems quickly and efficiently using a network analyzer.

Calculate the value of your network time and define how much money you can save by fixing network problems quickly...

and efficiently using a network analyzer.

This Excel spreadsheet created by Chappell provides you with the tools to determine and document the ROI for analyzing a network at packet-level and fixing network problems in a timely manner.

The value of calculating the analysis ROI

  • Analysis ROI helps companies understand the relationship between network performance problems and money loss
  • Analysis ROI helps put the cost of a quality analyzer into perspective by comparing the purchase price to downtime costs
  • You need to know three factors to determine the Analysis ROI: time lost; salaries; and network use percentage
  • The Analysis ROI Worksheet™ can help you quickly work through the numbers for your management reports!

ROI Calculator

This Excel spreadsheet contains basic instructions on calculating the cost of periodic network delays, one-time outages or departmentalized network problems.Download the ROI Calculator here.

Chappell's recent webcast, "Calculating the cost of downtime" explains in detail how to determine the cost of downtime/outages on a per-minute, hourly, daily, monthly and yearly basis using the Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis calculator. Using this calculator and network performance statistics, IT professionals can provide definitive cost and saving values to management. View this 50 minute presentation and gain insight on the procedure for calculations and learn the many benefits of arming yourself with this knowledge.

Laura Chappell is the Senior Protocol Analyst for the Protocol Analysis Institute. She is the author of numerous books and self-paced courseware available online at and

This was last published in September 2003

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