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Airespace 4000 wireless switch and Airespace 1200 access point

This Tolly Group report, commisioned by Airespace, tests the Airespace 4000 wireless switch and Airespace 1200 access point in regard to quality of service for VoIP over Wi-Fi.

Airespace, Inc. commissioned The Tolly Group to evaluate its Airespace 4000 Wireless Switch and Airespace 1200 Access Point. The Airespace 4000 Wireless Switch offers up to 24 10/100 Ethernet interfaces to provide Ethernet switching capabilities and communication paths to Airespace 1200 Access Points. The Airespace 1200 AP is an 802.11 a/b/g device that connects to the Airespace 4000 switch via Fast Ethernet and communicated with wireless clients.

Full test results are available here.

Engineers sought to determine the effectiveness of Airespace products at supporting VoIP over 802.11b wireless LAN connections with key capabilities such as: QoS prioritization of VoIP over non real-time traffic, support for maximum VoIP phone loading, acceptable hand-off times for calls roaming between switches, and acceptable latency characteristics.

Tolly Group found that the Airespace equipment:

  • Throttled back non-real-time data with QoS active when VoIP sessions traversed the access point
  • Supported up to 14 VoIP phones per access point
  • Achieved interrupt-free handoff in various deployments
  • Delivered average wireless system latency of 3 milliseconds, proving that infrastructure should not impact wireless session performance

>> Click here to read the full report.

This was last published in January 2004

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