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A reliable DSL resource

As bandwidth grows in demand, consumers want to learn more about their options. In the past year DSL has emerged as a great alternative to cable and dial-up connectivity. However, it is not available everywhere. Finding out if your area is DSL ready can be a daunting task-unfortunately, many of the telcos and independent vendors were not prepared for the overwhelming demand that came when DSL was unleashed. Getting someone to talk to and answer questions can take days, if not weeks. Thankfully, there is an alternative.

We spent some time looking for DSL information on the Web and found a handy site called ( Enter your zip code and the site responds with the availability of Residential or Business DSL lines by price, location, and vendor. On top of this, the site offers ISP reviews and ratings, advice on DSL hurdles and networking tips, how-to information on sharing, testing and security, forums, community polls, chat rooms and mail lists.

Rather than spending time going from provider to provider, we were able to see the prices and availability of all vendors in our area all on one screen

The site appears to give honest insight to the DSL issue. It claims to publish all reviews as they are received, un-edited, and their message boards do not require registration. According to the sites author, forum posters regularly flame their current advertisers, and if any advertiser has a problem with that the advertiser should stop working with the site rather than censor the content.

In short, dslreports is a great tool and made our search for DSL services much easier.

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This was last published in July 2000

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