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2011 top telecom trends: ACG Research high on mobility, cloud and 4G

Which telecom trends should service providers be tracking in 2011? ACG Research details how mobility, cloud computing, managed services and 4G will shape the market this year.

For telecom service providers, a new year always brings new challenges and new opportunities. With demand for new services, hot products and innovative solutions ever increasing, which emerging telecom trends will be most critical for service providers in the year ahead?

ACG Research has made its calls on the top telecom trends worth tracking in the networking, device, application and business spaces in 2011. ACG expects growth in the service provider market to be driven by increased spending in areas including enterprise mobility, cloud computing and managed services, as well as carriers' "unrelenting quest to acquire more intelligent services equipment," including high-capacity core routers like Juniper's forthcoming T4000 model.

In this look at the major 2011 telecom trends, ACG touches on an array of key issues, from the "China Inc." vendors like hard-charging Huawei pushing into the North American market and the long-awaited arrival of the year of 4G to carriers weighing in-house and outsourced options for developing content and video delivery network infrastructures, and more.

Get ahead of the game. Download ACG's look at the top telecom trends for service providers in 2011.

This was last published in February 2011

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