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Wide area network connections allow companies to access and share corporate resources among distributed sites. Discover more about available WAN technologies and services and how organizations can use them to aptly meet business requirements. Learn about factors such as the number of company sites, location, security and bandwidth needs when assessing WAN requirements.

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  • committed information rate (CIR)

    Committed information rate (CIR) is the guaranteed rate at which a Frame Relay network will transfer information under normal line conditions. Continue Reading

  • extranet

    An extranet is a private network that enterprises use to provide trusted third parties -- such as suppliers, vendors, partners, customers and other businesses -- secure, controlled access to business information or operations. Continue Reading

  • How to use iPerf3 to test network bandwidth

    In this in-depth tip, learn how to use iPerf3, a network testing tool to measure throughput and benchmark your WAN links to ensure effectivity. Continue Reading

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