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WLAN management

This special report from offers managing and monitoring techniques that can help you gain control over your company's wireless devices and users.

As wireless LANs mature, companies are beginning to demand dependable, robust wireless services. The best-effort performance so common in trial WLANs is simply unacceptable in most production networks. Companies that go wireless must be able to monitor network activity, identify trouble spots, isolate failures and plan ahead for growth. This Special Report from offers managing and monitoring techniques that can help you gain control over your company's wireless devices and users.

Expert advice

Wireless LAN management
In part one of this two-part series, Robbie Harrell discusses strategies and tools for WLAN security management.

Wireless LAN management: Managing security compliance
Find out the security threats that need to be addressed to make your network compliant with security regulations in part two of our WLAN management series.

Keep an eye on the sky: WLAN usage monitoring
Learn how to monitor 802.11 network usage by combining traditional network and session monitoring techniques with wireless-specific methods and tools.

Check IT List: Managing wireless networks
Networking expert Ed Tittel offers best practices for managing a top-notch WLAN.

Managing Wi-Fi stations
Discover the options your company has to centrally define, configure, monitor, and enforce wireless station settings.

Managing your wireless spending
Discover how to get a handle on your wireless spending.

Measuring your wireless network's range
Why you should measure your wireless network's range and some tools to help.

Downloadable resources

Podcast: Wireless LAN management strategies
Implementing a WLAN is straightforward, but making sure it runs optimally can be challenging. Luckily, networking professionals can control and maintain their wireless networks by using well-known methodologies based on the OSI model. Here we outline a checklist of recommended activities for top-notch management of your WLAN and provide tips for providing a strong and reliable signal. Listen to this MP3 today!

Book excerpt: Using wireless LAN protocol analyzers (PDF)
This chapter of the book CWAP Certified Wireless Analysis Professional Official Study Guide focuses on operation of items specified by the 802.11 series of standards for the physical layer. These items will include the PLCP and PMD sublayers, management layer entities, and generic management primitives. An in-depth understanding of how the physical layer operates and how it interfaces with the MAC layer is vitally important to the analyst's understanding of information gathered by a wireless protocol analyzer.

Book excerpt: Track wireless users
Hack 51 from "Wireless Hacks, Second Edition," shows you how you can automatically keep a database of MAC-to-IP address mappings. provides networking professionals with comprehensive wireless industry news and trends, expert technical advice, and product and technology guides. Our resources arm you with the tools necessary to deploy and maintain reliable wireless networks while providing access to enterprise resources efficiently and cost-effectively.

This was last published in November 2006

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