Fixed wireless broadband

The fixed wireless broadband market is growing and changing rapidly. We offer you an inside look at the technology.

The fixed wireless broadband market is growing and changing as rapidly as any in the field of enterprise networking, and this week offers you an inside look at the technology, the market and how it could impact your company.

Below you'll find summaries of all of this week's stories, as well as additional resources to help you learn about fixed wireless technology.

Enterprises prepare for fixed wireless broadband
28 Jun 2004
Emerging fixed wireless services are getting faster and cheaper, providing some businesses with a new alternative to T1 lines. Experts say once WiMax-based products emerge next year, the market will grow by leaps and bounds.

Demystifying fixed wireless
29 Jun 2004
An expert offers insight on the viability of fixed wireless in the enterprise, the impact of upcoming WiMax technology and its affordability versus a T1 line.

For one firm, cutting the T1 still too daunting
30 Jun 2004
Some say fixed wireless is as secure and reliable as high-speed wired service, but one company explains why, for now, it's using the technology only in emergencies.

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