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Try these 6 official practice questions for CCNA 200-301

These practice questions for CCNA 200-301 lay out what readers need to know about network security best practices from 'CCNA 200-301 Official Cert Guide, Volume 2.'

CCNA Study Guide

We're here to help you study for the CCNA 200-301 exam. In addition to the resources here and the quick practice quiz on securing network devices below, we also have similar resources and a quiz on the IP Routing in the LAN section of the CCNA exam.

Plus, you can download our CCNA study guide that covers both quizzes written by certified CCNA expert Andrew Froehlich.

Cisco transformed its Cisco Certified Network Associate, or CCNA, certification track with more drastic changes than the certifications had seen before, and many CCNA hopefuls might not know what to expect from the new exam.

Fortunately, for hopefuls, Cisco author Wendell Odom provided in his certification guidebooks a brief quiz before each chapter that is full of practice questions for CCNA exams so readers can see what they already know and what to brush up on. While much of the new CCNA 200-301 includes traditional networking topics -- such as IP routing in the LAN and basic IP services -- Odom's new CCNA 200-301 Official Cert Guides, Volumes 1 and 2 include a wide range of new topics and practice questions for CCNA hopefuls to catch up on.

Below is the "Do I Know This Already?" quiz from Chapter 5, "Securing Network Devices." These six practice questions for CCNA 200-301 test readers' knowledge of network security basics and focus primarily on how to secure networks, rather than specific endpoint security.

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While the quiz includes various mentions of the Cisco Internetwork Operating System (IOS), Odom claimed readers could replace mentions of Cisco with another vendor with almost everything in the new exam. These practice questions can provide vendor-agnostic study material and lay the groundwork for network security best practices all network engineers should know.

These practice questions for CCNA 200-301 will help readers test their network security expertise, as well as prepare them for the new CCNA exam.

This was last published in January 2020

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